Hi! I’m Jane Titor, and I love to read and write stories of all kinds. I started this blog primarily to post reviews of visual novels and other narrative games, but over the years, I’ve also branched out to occasionally discuss other media like books and TV shows. You can find an archive in which I’ve tried to organize my past blog posts by genre on this page.

Updates to this blog don’t follow a set schedule, since I just write it as a hobby in my spare time, but I tend to post at least once a month or so. If you’re a game developer and you want me to review your game, you can contact me at parttimestorier@gmail.com, but keep in mind that I can’t fulfill every request as I often have to prioritize other work. I’m only a part-time storier, after all.

I also write visual novels myself, and I sometimes post about my creative process and development experience. You can find all the games I’ve worked on at janetitor.itch.io, or pick up one of my best works, The Light at the End of the Ocean, on steam.

If you want updates on this blog and my other writing projects, you can also follow me on twitter.