Who are you?
I’m Jane Titor, a Canadian PhD student, time traveler, and big fan of visual novels and other story-based games. I also write some of my own VNs, which you can find on my itch.io page.

How often do you update this blog?
It depends on how much free time I have to work on it. Sometimes I’ll have a new post every couple weeks or so. Other times I might be quiet for a while, but I’m always still reading VNs when I can and jotting down notes for future posts. You can follow me on twitter if you want to be updated when I write something new.

What kinds of games are you interested in reviewing?
Some of my favourite types of stories are mystery and horror, and I especially appreciate anything with LGBTQ+ representation. But I’ll play a variety of different genres and write reviews of whatever I find interesting. You can find a list of my past reviews that I’ve attempted to sort by genre on this page.

Will you review my game?
Maybe! I do sometimes review games that developers have offered me free digital copies of, and I’m always happy to hear that someone thought of me and wanted to read my review. However, I just write this blog as a hobby in my spare time, so sometimes I’m too busy to commit to reviewing something specific right away. Feel free to contact me about reviews on twitter or at parttimestorier@gmail.com, but please confirm that I’m available first before just sending me a game key that I might not be able to use.

What are VNs like in the future timeline you traveled back from?
Everyone constantly plays VNs in virtual reality so that we can have fully self-insert protagonists. VNs have taken over the world. Mion Sonozaki is the president. The universe is at peace.