Jane Titor 2022: What I Wrote This Year

Happy holidays to everyone taking a bit of time out of their day to read my blog! This year has been a busy one for me, with a lot of major changes in my life, so I haven’t made nearly as many posts as in some previous years. But I’m still here for my year-end round-up, and I hope to see you all again in 2023!

Visual Novels


My biggest project of the year has been writing for indie developer Dream Squircle’s debut release, ELEGIES: Aya! Aya is a supernatural thriller about a teenage boy who loses his parents in a house fire that he barely escapes alive, only to gain a new best friend during his stay in the hospital afterward. When he realizes that his friend is a ghost, he dedicates himself to uncovering the truth about who she was, how she died, and why only he can see her—and begins to uncover a conspiracy that threatens them both. I had the chance to collaborate with a lot of really talented people on this project, including my good friend and favourite editor Bishounen-P, so I’m really excited to see the finished product! We don’t quite have a final release date yet, but you can check out the demo on itch.io and steam.

Seeds of Dreams

And while I haven’t been able to release any big updates this year, I am still slowly working on my other in-development project Seeds of Dreams whenever I get the chance. This one is a much more light-hearted narrative about a cute mouse moving to a small town and getting to know their colourful neighbours—although it also has some elements of supernatural mystery surrounding the strange woman who keeps appearing in the protagonist’s dreams! It has a demo available as well if you want to check out what I have so far.

Reviews & Other Articles

I kicked off 2022 with a couple more personal posts than usual! Jane Titor Through The Years was a little chronicle of the development of my writing persona, as well as a way to show up some of the lovely art I’ve commissioned of her over time. And after that, Queer Icon Remington Steele was half-review of a 1980s TV show, half-exploration of my gender identity.

I also started a side project at around the same time called Titor vs. Doyle, where I reflected on rereading the Sherlock Holmes book over a decade after first falling in love with them in childhood. I ended up leaving off partway through The Hound of the Baskervilles when I got busy with a lot of other commitments, but I do still plan to get back to it at some point. And in the new year, the last few Sherlock Holmes stories will finally enter the public domain, so no one has to fear the wrath of the Doyle Estate ever again!

In my Short Reviews of Short Visual Novels series, I made one general post including My Sweet Zombie!, Doomsday Dreamgirl, Roll for Confidence, Sunrise on the Moon, and Find Love Or Die Trying in February. In March, I checked out a few of the games included in another charity bundle, and recommended Amelie, LiveScream, Pumpkin Eater, Dates & Wires, and </reality>. And most recently, in September, I focused on short visual novels with transgender representation, reviewing Wolf’s Wool, Peyton’s Post-Op Visits, A Potion for Chamomile, Sons of the Hunt, and Knife Sisters.

I also wrote one longer review this year of the unique FMV game Immortality, and guest writer ArcticMetal continued his series of classic RPG reviews with Final Fantasy 2: A Wizard Simulator. This year, I’ll see if I can pry him away from Dwarf Fortress for long enough to give us his thoughts on Final Fantasy 3. Finally, I also reviewed four light novels for Jotaku.net this year: Sabikui Bisco, I’m The Villainess . . ., Tearmoon Empire, and My Happy Marriage. And I’m working on another one for them right now, so stay tuned!

And Just One More Thing . . .

And I feel like I would be remiss if a post about what I’ve done this year didn’t include my biggest and happiest life event of the year: I got married! There’s now a Mr. Titor to time travel alongside me in all of my future excursions. I can’t wait to keep building our lives together in 2023, and I hope everyone else has a great year too! Happy New Year!

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