List of All Media in the Ciaphas Cain Series

As a supplement to my post about how much I love the Ciaphas Cain books, I’ve put together a list of everything in the series for anyone else who wants to make sure they don’t miss anything. I believe all of this should be available in digital form on the Black Library website, or in the case of physical books, on the Black Library section of the Games Workshop website or just in your local bookstore.

As of writing this, there are three omnibuses which include books 1-3, 4-6, and 7-9 respectively, as well as some of the short stories/novellas. These are called Hero of the Imperium, Defender of the Imperium, and Saviour of the Imperium. (I highly recommend just buying Hero of the Imperium if you’re at all interested in jumping into this series, since I don’t think it’s much more expensive than buying the first book on its own.) In the following list, I’ll put the numbers 1, 2, and 3 in brackets to indicate books and stories that are included in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd collections.

For The Emperor (1)
Caves of Ice (1)
The Traitor’s Hand (1)
Death or Glory (2)
Duty Calls (2)
Cain’s Last Stand (2)
The Emperor’s Finest (3)
The Last Ditch (3)
The Greater Good (3)
Choose Your Enemies

Short Stories & Novellas
“Fight or Flight” (1)
“Echoes of the Tomb” (1)
“The Beguiling” (1)
“Sector Thirteen” (2)
“Traitor’s Gambit” (2)
“Old Soldiers Never Die” (3)
“The Smallest Detail” (3)
“The Little Things” (3)
“A Mug of Recaff” (3)
“Hidden Depths”
“Last Night at the Resplendent”
“The Bigger They Are”

Audio Dramas
“Dead in the Water”
“The Devil You Know”

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