Into The Tingleverse

I’m a big fan of author Chuck Tingle’s twitter posts. Whether he’s addressing societal issues or telling baffling anecdotes that hint at wider lore surrounding his persona, the unique cadence and diction through which he expresses himself makes him a joy to follow, and I’ve even found phrases like “all buckaroos know this classic way” seeping into my own vocabulary. But until starting to write this post, I wasn’t very familiar with those works of his that lie beyond the popular social media site’s 280-character limit. I knew that he was incredibly prolific in comedic erotica, having started with primarily gay-male-focused stories—such as the classic Pounded In The Butt By My Own Butt—before gradually branching out into representing a wider range of identities and interweaving some social commentary, often including supernatural characters and personified inanimate objects. But barring the one time that my friends made me do a dramatic reading of Pokebutt Go in a discord call, I had never sat down to really read any of Chuck’s “tinglers.” And recently I thought to myself, why not? If I like his writing on twitter so much, why haven’t I read more of it? Am I assuming that just because it’s about some really weird and out there sexual stuff that I don’t think I’ll be all that into, there’s no other value in it? I read visual novels that have weird h-scenes all the time, and I still love those! So I headed over to and decided to pick five stories from the Chuck Tingle œuvre that sounded most interesting to me and give them a shot.

Chuck Tingle’s list of ebooks is sorted into several categories. The main varieties of tinglers appear to be gay, lesbian, and bisexual, alongside a few that are specific about including trans characters, and a “no sex” category boasting a lot of titles that start with “not pounded.” I decided that picking one of each of those five would provide a good cross-section of what Chuck Tingle has available—although I was also intrigued by his three novels, the self-help section, and the one choose-your-own-adventure story at the bottom. The gay section is the biggest one, and included a lot of titles that caught my eye, like Slammed In The Butthole By My Concept of Linear Time and Turned Gay By The Existential Dread That I May Actually Be A Character In A Chuck Tingle Book. But I was only picking one, so I decided that since I’m a big X-Files fan, I couldn’t miss Tingle’s take on one of my favourite shows.

The Butt Files: The Case of Bigfoot’s Weiner

And I was not disappointed, because The Butt Files is really funny. I was a little worried that it might turn out to be a shallow parody, with little more than a general concept and character names in common with The X-Files, but there are actually a lot of details and references to the original that make it especially amusing. And Chuck Tingle perfectly captures the right kind of narrative voice for cryptid-loving protagonist “Agent Mully”—I can completely imagine this story being self-insert erotica that the canonical Mulder wrote himself while drunk. One thing I was slightly disappointed by was that Mully’s partner “Sculder” was also a man, since I’m just not a big fan of changing characters’ genders to make things gayer rather than working with what you already have available. I would have personally preferred it if Tingle’s version of Mulder still had a close female friend for a partner and just dealt with his important Bigfoot-fucking business while she wasn’t around or something. (Well, what I would have really liked was if she was also involved, but I’ll have to wait for the bisexual group sex section later on for anything like that.) But it’s still an enjoyable story overall, and I had a really fun time with it. In fact, I was trying to read while drinking coffee, and almost did an honest-to-god spit take at the line, “The truth is in my butthole and there’s only one way to get it out of there!”

One thing I should mention for any readers of mine who aren’t very familiar with Chuck Tingle is that if typos really get on your nerves, you might have a hard time with some of his works. Some tinglers seem to have gone through a more thorough editing process than others, but you’re bound to run into one or two little errors once in a while—I think the ending of The Butt Files might have even accidentally switched the two main agents’ names at one point. It’s something I do tend to find a bit distracting, but with Chuck Tingle, I think you just need to embrace the messiness as a part of his aesthetic and try to appreciate it alongside all the other wacky facets of his unique way of storytelling. And after enjoying my first serious foray into Dr. Tingle’s world, I was ready to continue embracing his style in the next one on my list.

Eaten Right By A Sabertooth Cat At The Premiere Of The Bizarre And Frightening Film Adaption Of Sabertooth Cats The Musical

I chose this one from the list of lesbian options because it hits on another interest of mine: I like musicals, and I like baffling, memorably bad movies. So this story about a film critic excited to attend the premiere of the Sabertooth Cats movie was perfect for me. Eaten Right By A Sabertooth Cat also includes an intriguing element that came up toward the end of The Butt Files as well: the idea that there are infinite alternate timelines within The Tingleverse where all these characters’ existences overlap. In this case, a misguided attempt to screen the Sabertooth Cats movie to multiple timelines at once opens up a portal to The Void, which our heroine narrowly escapes by virtue of having missed the movie to engage in the eponymous sexual encounter with a sabertooth cat actress in the hall instead. It puts a fun twist on the story, and I’ll be interested to see whether the rest of the stories I read continue to build on that lore.

I didn’t find this one quite as uproarious as The Butt Files, but it was still a good time. Comedic highlights include the plot of the Saberooth Cats musical being described as “Lady Bootfuzzle, Mr. Moose-member, One-Eyed Pippen, Bustopher Jones! They’re all there”—made especially funny to me by the inclusion of one actual Cats character among all the equally silly made-up names—and Megan the sabertooth cat asking her sexual partner if she feels “jellicle.” I’d also like to note that while I’m mostly only reading the title stories right now for the purpose of review, each of the kindle editions that I purchased also included a second bonus story, for added value if you choose to buy them yourself.

Pounded By The Handsome Living Song That Has Been Stuck In My Head: A Trans Buckaroo Tale

Chuck Tingle has recently started to add some explicitly transgender characters to his stories, and from what I’ve seen on twitter, he seems to be putting a lot of care into creating positive representation to make trans readers feel welcome in the Tingleverse. In this case, both of the main characters are trans, and they bond over that shared experience and have a brief talk about how it affects what they’re comfortable with sexually before they get down to the pounding. I think it’s all handled very well; I was especially impressed with the writing in this one in general. It opens with a really funny and relatable description of how annoyed the protagonist is about this song that’s stuck in her head, and as her annoyance with it escalates, there’s even a growing element of horror to the idea that the song is supernaturally and inescapably catchy. The moment when it culminates in her meeting “the sentient manifestation of the song” is surreal and kind of terrifying—only for that tension to be immediately diffused by the song somehow turning out to be a normal friendly dude. It’s such a weird and creative way to open an erotica story, and I love it.

Despite that bizarre concept, this one may have the least wacky sexual content I’ve read so far. While the other two involved a sasquatch and a humanoid prehistoric cat, the sentient song in this one is mostly described like a human, and his sexual encounter with the protagonist has more of a realist tone. So if you’re interested in Chuck Tingle’s work but not sure if you’re ready to dive into the weirder stuff, Pounded By The Handsome Living Song could be a great start. My favourite line this time was a serious one that comes right before the story’s adorable ending: “Art that’s honest and tries to prove love is real will always find an audience.” I’m glad I chose to be part of that audience for Chuck Tingle.

The Sun And The Moon Bang Me Bisexually

Finally, I’ve arrived at the category of tingler that I was most personally interested in reading: those about group sex involving bisexual characters. The one I chose stars an amateur astronomer named Mark who’s lucky enough to be invited to a secret midnight rendezvous with a masculine personification of the moon and a feminine one of the sun. This one doesn’t give the characters very much time to get to know each other before the bisexual banging starts—and the introductory character interactions in the previous stories were some of my favourite parts. But I like the set-up of an already established couple enthusiastically inviting a cute stranger to a threesome, and the descriptions of the astral objects’ bodies strike a nice balance between humanoid and supernaturally strange.

This one also gets a bit more into the meta elements that I was intrigued by earlier, which were slightly less present in The Handsome Living Song. The sun and the moon close their encounter with Mark by explaining to him that he’s a character in a book, while also emphasizing that that’s not a bad thing—that there’s a lot of meaning and importance to fictional characters. Just like the previous story, I thought it was a really nice to moment to end on. I’ll definitely be checking out the bonus story this one came with, Bisexually Banged By My Living Left And Right Wireless Headphones, as well.

Not Pounded In The Butt By Anything And That’s Okay

Finally, I wanted to include one of the “no sex tinglers” in this post alongside the erotic ones, so it worked out conveniently that this one happened to be the bonus attached to The Handsome Living Song—grab the kindle edition of that one if you want to read both too! Not Pounded In The Butt By Anything is probably at its funniest if you go into it with at least some general familiarity with Tingle’s other works, since it follows its protagonist through a day in his life during which he continually stumbles into typical Tingle scenarios, but leaves them completely un-pounded. A lot of humour comes from this subversion of expectations, but it also takes its message seriously, providing some nice representation of asexual people. My favourite part is when our hero meets a hot shirtless dinosaur and promptly invites him to hang out and talk about libraries.

I had a great time diving into the Tingleverse, and I’m really glad that I decided to put my preconceptions aside to do so. I personally felt like the best writing out of what I sampled was in The Handsome Living Song, but The Butt Files was by far the funniest. And with such a massive catalogue spanning several different subgenres, there’s bound to be a tingler out there for everyone. If you’re an adventurous buckaroo looking for new ways to prove love, give the works of the great Dr. Chuck Tingle a try.

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